Best GMAT Preparation Material

Best GMAT Preparation Material

Are you a business student preparing hard to crack GMAT this year? Well, there are some books that can shape the course of your career but finding the right books is an important task before you make any move.

In this age of global educational market, books play an important part, and there are some books which are just there to fulfill the market economy. Students nowadays study without proper guidance and devoid of the proper material face difficulties that cannot be cured until and unless the right choice brings them into shape.

What I want to say is that just following books which are backed up by powerful economic institutions won’t help you get through exams like GMAT easily because these books are rather a glamorized form of a modern educational commodity that students around the world would buy just to make themselves feel secure and safe among peers.

My advice is that before buying any books do a thorough background survey and research by comparing and analyzing each and every detail. There are so many educational companies that are inexperienced and new, and their materials might come as not so perfect for such global examinations. So if you are here to find out the right books for your GMAT I provide you in this article with a list of important books that might become your savior and friend in need. So go through this article and make your right choice before you jump into and sit for GMAT so that the right business school will welcome you with open arms.

Best GMAT Preparation Material

1)Manhattan set of Strategy Guides

Best GMAT Preparation Material


The name itself implies that these is a collection of strategy guide books for GMAT that you must have in your hand to prepare in the best possible way to crack through this exam. There are 10 books in total, and this combo pack has been ranked first on Amazon.

Each book cover different subjects like Geometry, Decimals, Fractions, Reasoning to name a few and you must have this combo if you aim to be among the highest scorers worldwide and get into the best business schools that you always dreamed of.

The unique feature of this combo pack is that you get some skill developing practice materials, GMAT practice questions and detailed explanation of answers. There have been mostly positive reviews by students online. It also comes with web materials which have been under a yearlong scrutiny and assessment.

2)Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set of 12 books

Best GMAT Preparation Material

The only set of books that can compete with the Manhattan Guides is the Veritas Course books. They have quite a following in the market, and students have been relying on these books for quite a long time. The 12 books cover various subjects like Critical Reasoning, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Combinatorics, Advanced word problems: analytical writing assessments and much more.

The unique feature that these books have is the various online resources. You also get questions and answers which are well explained; moreover, the books are well written and cover each and every topic in depth.

With the Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course set of 12 books, you are well armed for GMAT undoubtedly.

3)Kaplan GMAT Premier 2017 with 6 Practice Text Books

gre prep book

Next in the list is the KAPLAN GMAT Premier. One thing that makes it stand out of the crowd is that it is well equipped with the best practice materials, mobile features, online resources, and the DVD guide.

There have been quite some positive reviews about these text books by students. The book includes more than 1200 questions for practice and answers with very detailed and minute explanations that come handy for your preparation.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this book for an overall preparation for your GMAT, instead these books would come handy as the last minute preparation. But I guarantee that these books combined with the Manhattan can make an extraordinary difference in your score compared to studying other books.

One drawback of these series of books is that the online resources will not work after 6 months and the DVD has got no test questions, and they lack a little bit of in-depth coverage of subjects.

4)The GMAT 2016 Official Guide Bundle

 Best GMAT Preparation Material

If you want a question paper oriented study these bundle of books will make a good choice. The fact is that these books are a collection of previous years official GMAT Exams question papers and these can help you to give a proper idea about the questions that might come next year.

Although materials are very much limited in this bundle of books, I would recommend them to you if you want to have a clear understanding of the questions. These set of books are officially designed by GMAT test makers and if your luck favors you might get direct questions from these books.

In simple words, this bundle of books is the perfect practice material for GMAT, and it will also help you gain expertise on the type of questions that will be set in the official GMAT exam.

5)GMAT MATH Prep Course

Best GMAT Preparation Material


This is a totally math oriented GMAT course book which I would like to recommend you if you are focusing on the Math course. Although it features very high-level Math problem its necessary to give you an extra level of confidence and expertise on the subject.

It is obviously not for beginners, and I suggest taking up this book if you have command over the subject and want something more to discover and learn. The good thing about this book is that it covers topics that might not be found in other books and it has got enough practice material to boost up your confidence level.

The bad side of this book is that it’s totally not for those who are just starting to master the subject, some sections might not be that important for the actual GMAT exam, and no it doesn’t contain materials that are easy and is not very much of an orthodox course book as it sets to work on a different level of expertise.

6)The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

Best GMAT Preparation Material

Having worst nightmares about critical reasoning? Well here is the right book for developing the right skills for it. The book totally stands up to its name as it has got all the materials required to make you learn the subject in the proper fashion.

It has got questions which can give you the right understanding of how a question in GMAT could be. The book has been divided into sections focusing upon each and every question according to the difficulty level. You also get strategies that will help you to study the right materials in a fast way, in other sense a quicker way and it teaches you the right way to manage time.

The book’s only flaw is that you don’t have access to many questions. There are limited questions, and this might leave you room necessary for more practice before exams and that needs to be fulfilled by some other book of the subject material.

7)Princeton Review Cracking the GMAT

Best GMAT Preparation Material


What about an all in one solution for you GMAT exam? This problem has been solved by Princeton with its latest book Princeton Review Cracking the GMAT. The book comes with a complete guide to all of your problems related to GMAT which includes various strategies and guides that will come handy for the exam.

This book will also help you self-assess your development with its practice banks and practice tests that are computer adaptive. In other words, it’s a complete guide to help you develop skills right before exams packed with the study plans and even videos.

It is a highly recommended book and has been known to be one of the most helpful books out there in the market.

8)Ace the GMAT: Master the GMAT in 40 days

Best GMAT Preparation Material

There is certain type of questions that students will fail to answer in the GMAT exams. The book focuses on these questions and tries help students in building a strong base before they sit for the exams. The book tries to find the possible ways in which students make the same mistake again and again and in the process helps them gain expertise in those areas which they would either ignore or never learn.

The book is straightforward and contains questions and answers with the simplest explanation. It covers every subject and contains enough theory material that will help prepare you with the right knowledge about the subject.

If you are in need of extra guidance and knowledge, I would recommend this book to you. It is best for quick practice and strategies for avoiding silly mistakes. It is especially for students who have gained enough knowledge about GMAT and is in need of an extra preparation in a short time. With strategically divided topics and materials for Math and verbal sections the ACE, the GMAT is a complete book in itself.



If you are striving for a complete 800, the GMAT Advanced Quant is the book you need to have in your list of books for GMAT preparation. The revised new book is a complete source for cracking the toughest quant problems that you can imagine. It is complete with the toughest and challenging math problems and aims at making you a gain all the necessary skills before you appear for the GMAT.

Manhattan is already known for its quality GMAT books, and this book is no different than the other recommended books as it will equip you with the right amount of skills and strategy plus you will get access to 250 toughest practice questions that will build quantitative skills in you. The book has gained mostly positive reviews and has been known for its intense set up of questions. The chapters focus on important mathematical concepts that you should not miss out, and I would recommend you to put it on your wish list so as to master the right strategy before you sit for the GMAT.

10)The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017 With Question Bank and Exclusive Video

Best GMAT Preparation Material

If you want something extra after going thoroughly with your main course books like that of Manhattan’s then The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017 can be a good option. This is the right book to have a personalized preparation and strategies to analyze your strength and weaknesses, the book is a complete guide to broaden your skills.

The book contains question from previous years which ranges from over 900, each answered and explained in the best possible way. For enhancing your preparation level, the book has gathered around quantitative, verbal and reasoning questions. It also focuses on grammar and math review. And has questions arranged according to difficulty levels.

The above listed books are some of the best books that you can get online or offline to start preparing for GMAT. Although there are more books which I missed out but the above collection of books are among the finest in the market which will become your guides in the long run.  Remember that you don’t need to buy all of them and its recommended that you find out the best among these 10 books and make a list of the related books that will come handy.

For example, if you plan to get hold of Manhattan’s you can cut off the Veritas and choose a guide book equipped with practice materials which will ultimately fill in the loop holes in your practice once you master some of the subjects and topics that are already covered by the Manhattan. You can do the same if you choose to cut off the Manhattan and choose Veritas or the Kaplan as they will serve the same purpose of doing the job of the main course book.

The above list is important and will serve as guides for GMAT, and you might fall into trouble if you plan to miss some of the books mentioned here. So, I recommend you to make the right decision and plan before you buy the right book of your choice according to your difficulty and preparation level.

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