Best GRE Prep Material

best gre prep book

Who doesn’t want to be successful in their life? This is the era of competition where nobody wants to stay behind. As they say, nothing comes easy, same goes with success for it you have to work pretty damn hard as well as smart.
Many people give GRE i.e. Graduate Record Examination which is a standardized test to seek admission in most of the Graduate Schools in the US, every year. Only some can crack it and get a prestigious chance to study in the US. To crack GRE, we have to work hard as well as smart. So here is the list of some of the best study material for GRE prep.

Best GRE Prep Material

1. Manhattan Set of 8 Strategy Guides for GRE Prep


best gre prep book
This is a set of total 8 books. These 8 books individually focus on all the main topics of the examination of GRE such as Quantities Comparisons, Data Interpretation, Problem Solving, Algebra, Fractions, etc. The new edition of this book is the revised 4th edition of Manhattan Prep series which is enriched with a lot of information and all the strategies.
As well as this book offers six practice test online which can enhance your GRE marks. These books start from the basic level so that all of the concepts would be clear to everyone. Keep in mind that this is not a last minute book so buy it when you start your GRE prep otherwise you will just waste your money.

2. GRE Complete 2017 by Kaplan (Online + Book + Mobile)


gre prep book
Some additional stuff are available online and on your mobile. This whole set of the book includes three set of books which are GRE Maths Workbook, GRE Premier, and GRE Verbal Workbook. These contains many sample questions for your practice and explanation of every answer.
Plus, you will also get a DVD which contains all the information, strategies, and advice on giving a GRE examination. It will take care of everything, your practice, time management, etc. This book comes with some additional online Quiz and 5 sample paper of GRE Examination which can again get you more marks.

3. The Official Guide to the GRE by ETS (Super Power Pack)


gre prep book
Like you, all must be knowing that the Graduate Record Examination is created and administered by ETS i.e. Educational Testing Service. So, as it is the official book by ETS you need to follow it to figure out the exam pattern.
It covers all the syllabus of GRE Examination which is Geometry, Algebra, Data Analysis, Quantitative Comparison, etc. and also gives you practice question so that you can judge yourself how you are going or how high is your preparations. It is a pack containing three books with the main book for getting all concepts clear and rest two are for practice purposes.

4. Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2015


best gre prep books
Although this book touches all the section of the GRE for the preparation of GRE, this mainly focuses on the quantitate section as many of the people find this section to be the most difficult one among all of the sections.
The quantitate section includes fractions, algebra, rate and area problems and geometry. They will give you ample questions to practice for GRE main examination so that you could score wonderful marks. So with this book, you can ace the quantitative section of GRE.

5. GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Rael Essay Topics by Test Prep Series


best gre prep book
This book mainly focuses on the Essay writing section of GRE examination. By focusing in only one section, this will help you in mastering the pieces. It will help you in thinking about all the both the sides of the piece so that you can understand the topic better and can write on it beautifully which will fetch you some great marks.
All the essay will be in the same style in this book so that it won’t complicate things. Also, this book will help you to know what the examiner is looking for in an essay which will help you in impressing the reviewer and ultimately fetching you full marks.

6. Cracking the GRE Premium 2017 Edition


gre prep book
This book focuses on each section of GRE so that you can pass the exam with an extremely impressive marks. It will teach you some strategies, lessons, and tips to attempt the GRE examination. You will get a lot of sample questions with its explanation which will ultimately help you in fetching impressive marks.
Also, after buying the book, you will have access to the free online account so you can go through some videos helpful for GRE and also some test papers with detailed explanations.

7. GRE Premier 2016 Edition with overall 6 Practice Test


gre prep books
This is a pack of 3 books in total which includes GRE Premier, GRE Math Workbook, and the last GRE Verbal Workbook. Also, you will have 4 online practice tests so that you will be perfectly ready for the ultimate GRE.
This will also provide you a DVD which will help you with strategies and advice for GRE. This book can be very challenging as it is pretty hard but this much hard work will ultimately fetch you excellent marks. Also, this covers all the section beautifully, so you don’t have to rely on some other book too, only you have to practice this one hard.

8. GRE for Dummies with some additional Online Tests for Practice


gre prep books
Well, once you will start studying from this book, you will fall in love with it because it’s accessible and engaging learning style. Also, it can make learning fun. It just does not focus on only one section of GRE, but it gives a short review on all of the sections which you will be getting in your GRE exam.
You will be having loads of questions to practice for GRE from every section. Also, you will have some full-length online GRE sample papers for your very own assessment. From the online test, you could judge yourself and find the area of your weakness.

9. Cracking the GRE 2016 Edition with 4 Online Practice Tests


gre preparation book
Although this book covers all the sections of GRE examination and does justice with all of them such as Data Analysing, Quantities Comparisons, Data Interpretation, Problem Solving, Algebra, Fractions, etc. but this book’s stand out is its verbal section. The verbal section is so perfect that you can score full marks in this part if your study hard along practicing this book.
This book covers up strategies to give the exam. Also, it contains sample question for each section to master everything, but the explanation of verbal section is quite impressive. You won’t be able to find any error in the verbal section.

10. Math Review for Standardized Tests by Cliffs Notes (2nd edition)


gre prep book
If you are weak in Maths, or you have this Maths Phobia, then you should look forward to purchasing this book as this book which contains a total of 500 pages contains all the type of question-related to maths which you will be getting in your GRE examination.
It contains a lot of practice questions of all kind to ace in Maths field. Also, you will have some pre-test so that you can find your area of improvement. You can also download some of the material which will help you in GRE examination from its online website.

11. GRE by Barron’s


best gre prep book
This book mainly focuses on the section of the GRE which contains Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical questions. This book which makes you ace all these sections listed above. It will make you do ample practice so that you will gain enough confidence to score the highest and not just this but also it will get you learn some strategies to attempt the GRE.
Also, you will have two model tests and one diagnostic test with all the answers explained in detail. Also, the readers of this book get the free membership in GRE Online course which has some videos to explain things better, some tutorials and quizzes and also some more additional papers for practice.

12. Essential Words for the GRE by Barron’s


gre prep book
This is one of the most important GRE prep book which will help you in building up your vocabulary. This book comes with a list of 800 words which are very frequently asked in the GRE exam and also which could be used in our daily life.
This book is the revised 4th edition by Barron’s for 2016-2017. The best thing about this book is that it focuses on learning the standard route and also the prefixes to acquire new words. Also, a pre-test will be conducted which will find your area of weakness so that you could work upon that.

13. GRE Maths Prep Course by Nova’s


best gre prep book
This book by Nova only makes you ready to attempt the mathematical portion of GRE examination. This primarily focuses on Maths so that you can master that particular area as for most of the people maths is the hardest to get right answers.
It includes sections such as Fractions, Averages, Graphs, Geometry, etc., each chapter has its task takers so that you can master individual sections. Also, you will have a separate section for difficult, easy, medium, very difficult level of questions which furthers make this book a standout.

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