Universities for GRE Score 300-310

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an international examination for graduate and business schools, simultaneously. Prevailing its prominence, the examination has become so important among different nations as GRE score is a significant part of the application procedure for universities across the globe. However, due to the uncertainty in scores, these days candidates with GRE score 305 are also being admitted to Universities of 310-312 score range and vice-versa. Therefore, it has become hard to predict who will get accepted in which university. To give a little clarity, here’s a list of top 5 Universities for GRE Score 300-310 that you might want to know about before applying:

Note :

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Universities for GRE Score 300-310

University of Alabama:

Gre Score 300

Located on the ridge of Appalachian Mountains of Alabama, Huntsville; this university is one of the most economical universities you can find with sophisticated graduation programs in Business, Engineering, and Medicine. The acceptance rate is adequate considering that Huntsville is a habitable place with a pleasant climate where you can find relevant part-time jobs.

  •  Tuition Fee: $20,774
  •  Boarding Fee: $8,433
  • Job Rate: Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 77.7%

Illinois Institute of Technology:

Gre Score 300-310

Known for its computer sciences and Electrical courses, it accepts students with regular profiles. Though the campus is small in size, it has got all the amenities and infrastructure required, and the recruitment is a surety because of it being in Chicago and the availability of part-time jobs is high as well. One aesthetic element about the campus apart from the sunny climate is that the metro passes through the campus.

  • Tuition Fee: $21,672
  • Boarding Fee: $10,794
  • Job Rate: Excellent
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%

University of Louisiana:

Gre Score 305

Looking for a modern university with a relatively low fee and affordable living? Here’s your best choice. Though known as a dominant female community, Lafayette is a decent place to live in being three hours away from Houston. The climate is pleasant, and you can always plan your weekend in Houston where you can even get a job soon after graduating.

  • Tuition Fee: $14,104
  • Boarding Fee: $8,362
  • Job Rate: Competitive and Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 60.4%

University of Texas:

Gre Score 310

A 2-tier University; UT is preferred by most of the Asian and Indian students. Located in Arlington, this university is known for its Electrical and Telecommunication courses with a high acceptance rate and also provides a financial aid. Students can seek fun and recruitments from Dallas which is only half an hour away from the place.

  • Tuition Fee: $15,100
  • Boarding Fee: $7,864
  • Job Rate: Competitive and Adequate
  • Acceptance Rate: 58.5%

University of Pittsburgh:

Gre Score 300-310

Best suited for students with average profiles, the University of Pittsburgh is a few minute drive from the Pittsburgh downtown. Famous for studying Engineering and Medicine; the city is also a great place to live in with food, sports, entertainment and corporate places to crash in. Students of the University get free access to cultural centers and museums in the city. However, the tuition fee is a bit high relatively.

  • Tuition Fee: $37,528
  • Boarding Fee: $10,100
  • Job Rate: Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 56.1%

University of Central Florida:

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

Spread across Orlando, the huge campus is an amalgamation of 10 different mini campuses with many female dominant clubs. The UCF is a destination for many of the students who part-time. The University is popular for its graduate programs in Engineering and Business. Though the climate type is hot and humid, the city has an ambiance that suits well and offers thermal comfort.

  • Tuition Fee: $21.276
  • Boarding Fee: $9394
  • Job Rate: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 46.2

Missouri State University:

Gre Score 300

Located in Springfield, Missouri; the Missouri State University is small yet influential. It has been the center of graduation for many areas especially because of the affordable cost of living and the low fee structure. MSU is a cozy place to live in with a sunny climate and student learn to groom more because of its community programs. One can always have a fun weekend at Oklahoma City which is only a few hours away.

  • Tuition Fee: $13,338
  • Boarding Fee: $7,450
  • Job Rate: Few
  • Acceptance Rate: 83.3%

Texas Tech University:

Gre Score 310

One more university from Texas, this one is a large institution regarding area and research facilities. The University is in Lubbock, the college town and interestingly the students who attend the university have formed small settlements including clubs and fraternities like the National Wind Institute. Though Lubbock is a dull town, Dallas is only a few hour drive where students can recreate.

  • Tuition Fee: $10,926
  • Boarding Fee: $8,275
  • Job Rate: Few
  • Acceptance Rate: 64.3%

Wayne State University:

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

If you’re a Sitcom fan, you might have heard of this university few times. Located in the town of Detroit, WSU offers graduate programs in Medicine, Law, and Business. The thing about Wayne State University is that it accommodates students to collab with other universities like Michigan State University and conduct intensive research with enhanced infrastructure. With a sunny climate, Detroit is big with multiple hubs and mixed use buildings where one can find jobs in production, business, manufacturing and transportation sectors with ease.

  • Tuition Fee: $23,184
  • Boarding Fee: $8,803
  • Job Rate: Low
  • Acceptance Rate: 76.2%

State University of New York System:

Universities for GRE Score 300

Widely known as SUNY, it is the best university to be opted if you’re excited about living in New York. Any average student can get into the University; the campus is modern and utilitarian with decent courses. The tuition fee is economical and therefore; students chose SUNY because of its location than the services it can offer. Utica is only a few hours far from New York and Boston and getting a job or a part time job is relatively easy when compared to the rest. However, if you’re not habituated to living in a snowy climate, this is going to be a challenging task for you.

  • Tuition Fee: $28,040
  • Boarding Fee: $11,744
  • Job Rate: Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 38.9%
UniversityTuition FeeAcceptance Rate
University of Pittsburgh$37,52856.1%
University of Central Florida$21.27646.2
Illinois Institute of Technology$21,67255%
University of Alabama$20,77477.7%
University of Texas$15,10058.5%
University of Louisiana$14,10460.4%
Missouri State University$13,338 83.3%
Texas Tech University$10,92664.3%
Wayne State University$23,184 76.2%
State University of New York System$28,04038.9%
Northeastern University: $23,67031.9%
University of Oklahoma$12,15079.1
Tennessee Technological University$20,800 93.2%
West Virginia University$21,906 85.1%
Kansas State University$14,22095.9%
Oregon State University$21,17778.8%
University of Nevada$22,07688.2%
Oklahoma State University$13,10476%

University of Connecticut$29,74053.7%
Southern Methodist University$20,34050.7%

Northeastern University:

GRE Score 300-310

A good place to live, this University is only a few minutes far from the prominent Boston University. It’s one of the very few universities that offer higher education in the United States. NEU is facilitated with high-end amenities, has a wide domain of courses and is spatially designed wonderfully. The warm climate adds up to the rich life though it gets a little chilly in winters. Boston, on the other hand, is a one tier city with plenty opportunities of jobs and recreational spaces.

  • Tuition Fee: $23,670
  • Boarding Fee: $14,100
  • Job Rate: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 31.9%

University of Oklahoma:

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

Looking for a University that allows you do a vivid research? Then the University of Oklahoma is what you need. It offers graduate courses in Engineering, Business, Law and Medicine. Located in Norman, it has a suitable climate for a proper living, and due to the presence of Oklahoma nearby, it acts more like a suburb with comfortable facilities. As it accepts the normal students, it’s the best buy one can get with an average profile.

  • Tuition Fee:  $12,150
  • Boarding Fee: $9,126
  • Job Rate: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 79.1

Tennessee Technological University:

GRE Score 300

According to the American Standards of a University, TTU is relatively small yet decent for people looking for Engineering courses. Most of the students who apply here get admitted easily. TTN is in the town of Cookeville, which is just an hour far from Nashville. But if you’re looking for metropolitans, you can always travel to Atlanta or Cincinnati which are around. The climate is a bit unpleasant in summer, but apart from that; the greenery of the town soothes you.

  • Tuition Fee: $20,800
  • Boarding Fee: $8,300
  • Job Rate: Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 93.2%

West Virginia University:

Universities for GRE Score 310

Situated in the Morgantown suburbs, the University has a huge campus that has a functional layout and affordable living for students who come for graduation courses. Just like all the other universities, it offers courses in Business, Engineering and also Medicine. The town is small and is only one hour away from Pittsburgh and few hours from Washington DC. Therefore, students can spend their week offs in either of the towns and also can find job opportunities there.

  • Tuition Fee: $21,906
  • Boarding Fee: $9,318
  • Job Rate: Low
  • Acceptance Rate: 85.1%

Kansas State University:

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

Feasible both economically and aesthetically, Kansas State University offers a workable life along with decent courses in Education, Engineering, and Business. A student with an average GRE Score can get pretty busy life with not only the academic curriculum but also some notable sports and cultural events. In fact, a huge reason why people often opt for KSU is that of the balanced life it offers in Manhattan which is just a small town from Kansas City with blendable climate.

  • Tuition Fee:  $14,220
  • Boarding Fee: $9,318
  • Job Rate: Good
  • Acceptance Rate: 95.9%

Oregon State University:

GRE Score 300-310

It’s one thing about studying a university, it’s another thing to stay near the ocean. Being just an hour drive from the majestic Pacific Ocean, OSU is a small college in the Corvallis, Oregon. However, it’s the state’s biggest research university, and interestingly the courses that are prominent there include Forestry, Marine Sciences, Food Systems and other unique departments of Engineering, unlike the regular ones. Portland is the market hub that is near to the University where one can find anything and everything that is needed for an adaptable life.

  • Tuition Fee: $21,177
  • Boarding Fee: $10,578
  • Job Rate: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 78.8%

University of Nevada:

Universities for GRE Score 300

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Maybe, not? Those who graduates in Vegas tend to work in different parts of the country especially in Los Angeles which is very near and shares a great proximity with Las Vegas. The university offers famous courses in Law and Bussiness and therefore, people apply here are usually the ones who are interested in these departments. Though Vegas has many alluring tourist destinations, the inner core of the place offers something more than just the entertainment which is why the job opportunities (both full and part time) are adequate.

  • Tuition Fee: $22,076
  • Boarding Fee: $10,524
  • Job Rate: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 88.2%

Oklahoma State University:

Universities for GRE Score 310

One of the preferred and chosen universities by students with average profiles, OSU is located in Stillwater of Oklahoma which is only an hour far from the Oklahoma City. Another reason why people prefer OSU is that of it’s reasonable tuition fee that can be managed by students with an ordinary background. The part time jobs here make lives easy because of the rural setting. However, in case if you’re a book retard; the library of the University is going to be your heaven throughout your graduation.

  •  Tuition Fee: $13,104
  • Boarding Fee:  $7,390
  • Job Rate: Low
  • Acceptance Rate: 76%

University of Connecticut:

GRE Score 300-310

Safe and good as it is, this university suits the best for students with above average profiles. UConn is a campus located in the rural setting of Storrs. Storrs is a very dull town which doesn’t have much of the happenings except for the student sports activities, fraternities, cultural events and student clubs. Education is why UConn is very prominent in the town, and people in Storrs groom well with the students. However, your rescue is only 90 minutes far in the form of Boston.

  • Tuition Fee:  $29,740
  • Boarding Fee: $12,074
  • Job Rate: Few
  • Acceptance Rate: 53.7%

Southern Methodist University:

Universities for GRE Score 300-310

Are you an Indian? Well, then you might as well choose this university. Most of the students here are Indians, blame it on the location. The University offers authentic courses in both Business and Engineering. However, it’s the bolstering Greek life that makes people here boisterous. The campus is known for the sports and cultural activities as it is located in the heart of Dallas City, Texas. Therefore, you can find different cuisines, entertainment centers and of job opportunities here in abundance.

  • Tuition Fee: $20,340
  • Boarding Fee: $14,645
  • Job Rate: Low
  • Acceptance Rate: 50.7%

Now that you’ve gone through the list of universities for GRE score 300 to 310 choose the university that suits you the best in terms of economic and aesthetic elements and applies to it without delay. All the best!

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