Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

With the increase in competitions, the academic level is also reaching to the next level.  Students are thriving hard for most eligible courses and willing to get admissions in the foreign universities. GRE is among one of the eligibility tests for the students seeking graduate and postgraduate degrees from US Universities. If you are among the students, who have appeared for the GRE examination and scored successfully between 290- 300, various universities are inviting applications for various courses.

We believe that you are prepared to stay abroad and aware of the norms of admissions and required documents. Also, we advise you to inquire for further expenses, boarding and fee criteria before deciding for the admissions. To make it easy for you, we have assorted top 15 Universities that accept the application with GRE Scores 290-300.

List of Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

The University of Colorado at Denver

Gre score 290

This is among the top research institutes of Colorado, located 15 miles away from Boulder City.

  • The university offers various specializations in Business and Health Sciences. This is known to grant the highest number of a graduate degree in comparison to the other institution of that region.
  • The university shares two campuses- The CU Denver for Business graduates and postgraduates while the next one is CU Anschutz Medical Campus, which is specifically for Health Sciences.
  • Application Fees approx $75
  • Tuition fees nearly $20000
  • Boarding Expenses around $400- $600
  • Part Time Opportunities are available
  • Acceptance Rate: 76%
  • Provides sports and recreations including personal training, soccer, tennis and other sports

Cleveland State University

Gre score 295

Cleveland State University is located in Ohio, and is under the University system of Ohio, US.

  • The university offers more than 200 academic programs in Business, Health Sciences, Law, Engineering, and Nursing.
  • Currently, there are 10 colleges under the university, among which the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs is ranked as the second best institution for Urban Policy program.
  • The University also offers scholarship program and gets research cooperation with NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Application Fees approx $30
  • The Tuition fee is around $13000
  • Boarding Expenses can be $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are Good.
  • Acceptance Rate: 67.1%
  • The college also promotes sports with an in-house team of football, basketball, and wrestling.

Lamar University

GRE Score 290-300

The University is located at a driving distance of an hour from Houston, in Beaumont, Texas. LU is following Texas State University System and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • The University is hosting 7 colleges for the streams of Business, Human Development, Engineering, Arts, Science, Fine Arts and Communication.
  • LU offers more than 50 Postgraduate and 8 Doctorate programs along with 90+ Undergraduate academic programs.
  • This is well known for its Electrical Engineering and easy to get scholarship and assistantship with the college.
  • Application Fees approx $50
  • The tuition fee is around $20000
  • Boarding Expenses will be $300- $500
  • Assistantship opportunities are quite Competitive.
  • Acceptance Rate: 77.2%

California State University–East Bay

Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

California State University–East Bay is a public university in the Eastern region of San Francisco. This is among the 23 campuses of California State University.

  • The University covers 4 colleges offering programs and degree in Business and Economics, Arts, Social Science, Education and Allied Studies and Science.
  • The university offers around 39 Postgraduate programs and more than 50 undergraduate degree programs.
  • The College of Business and Economics is famous for its Education Department and Music Department.
  • Aspirants with the GRE score 285 to 295 can apply here
  • Application Fees around 55 $
  • The tuition fee is approx $18000
  • Boarding Expenses are high from $600-$800
  • Part Time Opportunities are competitive
  • Acceptance Rate: 68.2%

University of Houston

Gre score 300

UHCL is among the most affordable State research universities, affiliated under the University of Houston System. It is the third largest university located in southeast Houston.

  • The University manages 12 colleges for the academic programs covering optometry, pharmacy, and degree of law.
  • The campus also contains the research centers for space commercialization, artificial intelligence, biomedical sciences and engineering, energy and natural resources, etc.
  • They prefer the students with Computer Science background, with 80+ TOEFL score
  • Application Fees 80$
  • The tuition fee is around $19000
  • Boarding Expenses are approx $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are Highly Competitive
  • Acceptance Rate: 34.1%

California State University, Fullerton

Gre score 300

Cal State Fullerton is the second largest research university, located in northeast Fullerton, CA. This is enrolled under 23 approved campuses of California State University.

  • The university offers more than 115 postgraduate degrees, 3 doctorates and around 19 Teaching credentials with 120 Graduate degrees.
  • There are eight colleges under the university offering the academic stream for Arts, Education, Communication, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Economics, Health Science, Human Development, Natural Science, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Science
  • This also offers a doctorate in Education and Nursing
  • The college is famed with multiple Awards and distinctions for its best curriculum performance in all the streams
  • The tuition fee is around $18000
  • Boarding Expenses can be $500-$750
  • Part Time Opportunities are Competitive but available
  • Acceptance Rate: 44.5%

University of Texas, Tyler

Gre score 290-300

The UT Tyler, is a coeducational university, affiliated with The University of Texas System. Its campus located in the interior of the eastern city limits of Tyler.

  • The university covers 5 college our of which one is the traditional Arts and Science College while other four are the professional colleges.
  • These colleges offer more than 90 academic degrees at the Graduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate level under the streams of Business, Education, Nursing, Biology, English, Economics, Health and Kinesiology, Computer Science and Engineering.
  • The campus also contains a cardio theater, fitness center, gymnasium and jogging track.
  • It accepts applications with GRE score 295 to 300 and the TOEFL scores with 80 Plus.
  • The Tuition fee is around $19000
  • Boarding Expenses can be $300- $450
  • Part Time opportunities depend on your profile
  • Acceptance Rate is 46%
UniversityTuition FeeAcceptance Rate

University of Michigan–Dearborn

Gre score 295

The UM-Dearborn is the public institution among the two satellite campuses operated by the University of Michigan, located at Fair Lane, Dearborn.

  • The university is known for its excellent academics in Management and Engineering.
  • It offers around 20 Postgraduate degrees and 3 doctorate degrees with approx 90 academic streams.
  • The major streams are mechanical engineering, Arts, Letters, Science, Health, Education and Human Services, Computer Science, and Business.
  • It also offers undergraduate programs for Digital Marketing, Supply Chain Management, HRM and IT management.
  • Application Fees:
  • The Tuition fee is around $24000
  • Boarding Expenses can be $400- $500
  • Part Time Opportunities are Available but highly competitive.
  • Acceptance Rate: 59%

University of Illinois at Springfield

Gre score 290

UIS is a public university located in the southeast of Springfield, the capital of Illinois, US. It is at the University of Illinois system and is also listed under the American Council on Education and American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU).

  • The university offers academic degrees in 20 Postgraduate programs and a special Doctorate in Public Administration, along with 27 Undergraduate programs.
  • The colleges were been awarded many titles in different streams ranging from Arts, Science, and Business, Marketing and Computer Science.
  • It also offers online degree programs for various streams and is ranked 11th among the online US universities.
  • It accepts students with a GRE score of 290 and above.
  • Application Fee is approx $75
  • The Tuition fee is around $21000
  • Boarding Expenses are nearly $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are highly competitive
  • Acceptance Rate: 61.6%

New York Institute Of Technology ( NYIT)

Universities for GRE Score 290-300

NYIT is the private, coeducational university located in the wooded hillsides of Old Westbury, NY.

  • The university contains three campuses with two colleges and five schools.
  • The institution offers more than 100 academic degrees, including graduate level programs and professional degrees
  • It has over 50 fields of study covering the arts and sciences, education, architecture and design, engineering, computing sciences, management, Health and osteopathic medicine
  • This is being ranked among the top 50 Universities of North US.
  • It offers theater related education programs and is the precursor to 3D CGI films
  • It invites students with GRE score 290 to 295
  • Application Fee is approx 60$
  • The Tuition Fee is around $15,525
  • Boarding Expense is affordable, can be $300- $400
  • Part-time Opportunities are Good

California State University, Chico

Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

This is well known as CSU, Chico, located in the north of Sacramento in Chico in California. It is among the oldest established campuses of the California State University system.

  • The University offers 35 Postgraduate degree, four teaching credentials and more than 125 graduate degree programs. However, there is no Doctorate level program.
  • The university covers 4 schools and seven colleges, the main streams are Agriculture, Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Communication, Business, Education, Humanities, Fine Arts and Natural Sciences.
  • This invites applicant GRE score 290 and above, along with 79 plus TOEFL and IELTS with 6.5 Plus
  • Application Fee is approx $55
  • The Tuition Fee is around $17,000
  • Part time opportunities are available, but is Very competitive
  • Boarding Expense is affordable nearly $350- $400

California State University- Long Beach

Gre score 295

This is the third largest University out of all  23-school California State University system and one of the largest universities in California.The University is located in the Los Altos neighborhood of Long Beach at the southeastern coastal tip of Los Angeles Count.

  • The University offers over 137 different Bachelor’s degrees, 92 types of Master’s degrees, 5 Doctoral degrees and with two Doctor of Education.
  • The University comprises of eight academic colleges with streams in Arts, Business Administration, Education ,Engineering, Health & Human Services, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Continuing & Professional Education.
  • This invites applicant GRE score 290 and above.
  • The Tuition fee is around $15,000
  • Boarding Expenses are nearly $500- $700
  • Part Time Opportunities are highly competitive
  • Acceptance Rate: 34.4%

University at Albany, SUNY

Gre score 300

The University at Albany, SUNY is also known as The State University of New York at Albany with many campuses in different states such as New York and United States.This University carried out undergraduate, graduate education and also the research, Rate :service.

  • The University offers 50 undergraduate majors and 138 graduate degree programs which include public policy,biotechnology, English, informatics,homeland security, globalization, and documentary studies.
  • The University has three campuses such as The Uptown Campus in Albany and Guilderland’s McKownville neighborhood, East Campus in the City of Rensselaer and the Downtown Campus in Albany.
  • This invites applicant GRE score 295 and above.
  • Application Fee is approx $75
  • The Tuition fee is around $17,000
  • Boarding Expenses are nearly $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are Available
  • AccepRate:56%

 Kent State University, Ohio

Universities inviting GRE Score 290-300

This University is a public research university and also includes seven campuses in Northeast Ohio.The university has many baccalaureate and graduate programs of study in the arts and sciences, research opportunities in over 1000acres and 119buildings.

  • Kent State offers 300 degree programs, 40 associate’s, 50 master’s,250 baccalaureate and 23 doctoral programs of study.
  • Kent State has colleges on nursing, business, history, library science, aeronautics, journalism, fashion design and the Liquid Crystal Institute.
  • Kent State College of Technology offers four aeronautics degrees-Air Traffic Control and Aeronautical Engineering,Flight Technology, Aviation Management.
  • This invites applicant GRE score 290 and above, TOEFL 80+.
  • Application Fee is approx $70
  • The Tuition fee is around $18,000
  • Boarding Expenses are nearly $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are Available
  • Acceptance Rate : 84.4%

Florida Institute of Technology

Gre score 290-300

This is a private doctoral/research university which has six academic divisions with emphases on science, technology, engineering and aviation.The university is located on a 130-acre primary residential campus near the Florida Tech Research Park and Melbourne International Airport.

  • Florida University has equally divided the graduate- and undergraduate students with many of them focusing on engineering and the sciences.
  • Florida University has colleges on Engineering,Science,Aeronautics,Business,Psychology and Liberal Arts.
  • This invites applicant GRE score 295 and above,80+ TOEFL score and good UG Grades.
  • Application Fee is approx $50
  • The Tuition fee is around $36,000
  • Boarding Expenses are nearly $300- $400
  • Part Time Opportunities are Available
  • Acceptance Rate : 56%

Now, when you have a good list of major institutes that invites the applicants with a GRE score between 290-300, get your seat availed and fulfill your dreams.

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